5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer in Toronto

Monday May 15, 2023 | Canvas Noir

As a business proprietor in Toronto, you must know the significance of having a robust digital presence. That’s why finding a proficient website creator is pivotal. However, with a myriad of alternatives available, how do you make an informed decision? Here are five inquiries to make before employing a website creator in Toronto.

May I review your portfolio?

Before hiring a website creator, it’s indispensable to peruse examples of their preceding work. This will provide you with an insight into their design style and the caliber of their work. Look for a miscellaneous portfolio that presents a broad spectrum of projects, from petite venture websites to more intricate e-commerce sites. Pay attention to the functionality and user experience of each site, in addition to the design aesthetics.

What's your design method?

Every creator has a dissimilar approach to their work, so it’s indispensable to comprehend their process. Inquire about their design methodology, how they tackle problem-solving, and what tools they utilize to devise their designs. This will aid you in understanding their approach to design and ensure that it matches your expectations.

What's your familiarity with SEO?

Your website’s design is essential, but it’s only a fraction of the equation. To flourish online, you necessitate a website that’s optimized for search engines. Inquire about the creator’s familiarity with search engine optimization (SEO) and what steps they take to guarantee that your website is designed with SEO in mind. This will aid in ensuring that your website is effortlessly discovered by potential customers.

How do you handle revisions?

Revisions are a natural component of the design process, so it’s crucial to comprehend how the creator manages them. Inquire about their revision policy, including the number of revisions incorporated in their pricing and their process for requesting revisions. This will aid you in evading any surprises in the future and ensuring that you’re gratified with the final product.

What's your pricing structure?

Lastly, it’s pivotal to understand the website creator’s pricing structure. Inquire about their rates, how they bill (hourly or project-based), and what’s incorporated in their pricing. Ensure that you get a lucid understanding of what’s incorporated in the price, including any added fees for revisions or supplementary features. This will aid you in dodging any surprises when the time comes to pay the bill.


Employing a website creator is a significant investment in your business, so it’s vital to take the time to find the right individual for the job. By asking these five inquiries, you’ll be better prepared to choose a website creator who comprehends your needs and can deliver a website that meets your objectives.


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